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RE/MAX Rises to New Heights in Belize


by Candee Tremblay

SAN IGNACIO, BELIZE, Aug. 10, 2009 – RE/MAX Property Center in Belize Tops the Charts

Summary: RE/MAX Property Center in Belize opened its doors in March 2008 and has since grown to become the largest real estate company in Belize. Two of their Belize real estate agents just qualified for the "Top 50 Associates for RE/MAX Caribbean and Central America".

Looey Tremblay, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Property Center in Belize is proud to announce that two of his Belize real estate agents have earned the honour of ranking in the "Top 50 Associates for RE/MAX Caribbean and Central America". Results are based on total commissions earned through June 30, 2009.

Tremblay, who is also a Kitchener Waterloo real estate broker in Ontario, Canada, was elated when we caught up with him en route from Belize to Canada "We really have an incredible team of agents at our Belize real estate company – and it's a real privilege to work under the RE/MAX banner in both Belize and Canada. People feel secure when they see our RE/MAX brokerage in Belize because RE/MAX is the most recognizable brand of real estate in the world. "

RE/MAX Property Center in San Ignacio, Belize opened its doors in March 2008. Since its inception, it has grown to become the largest real estate company in Belize. With over 400 listings, ranging from $3,750US to $32,000,000US, RE/MAX Property Center provides countrywide coverage for people who want to buy or sell real estate in Belize. Their listings include a wide range of properties including Belize acreage, Belize beachfront properties, Belize investment properties, Belize condos, Belize waterfront estates, Belize rainforest properties, eco-communities in Belize, Belize development properties, Belize house lots, commercial properties in Belize, Belize farms, Belize ranches and Belize property rentals.

When asked about the agents who succeeded in making the "Top 50" list, Tremblay said "John Acott and Gary Budaker, our two agents who hit the Top 50 list, are superb agents – personable, professional and knowledgeable. Gary Budaker had a great track record in selling real estate in Kitchener Waterloo and I recruited him to join our RE/MAX real estate office in Belize. Through our office in San Ignacio, Gary specializes in helping clients buy and sell real estate in Placencia. The Placencia Peninsula is known as the "Sailing Adventure Capital of Belize" and it has burgeoned into the second fastest growing region in the country. Purchasers who buy real estate in Placencia will own real estate in one of the top tourist destinations in Belize. The last time I was there I watched a group of manatees frolic in the surf off the beach at the Villas at Coco Plum. Really awesome!"

John Acott specializes in the Cayo District of Belize, although he is well acquainted with all areas of Belize having lived in the country for 22 years. Considered by many Belizeans to be the best area of Belize in which to live, Cayo also attracts a lot of foreign retirees. Cayo's beautiful hills, peaceful river valleys, flora, fauna, and Mayan ruins provide a fascinating and relaxing place to call home. Acott has just listed 32,000 acres of Belize oceanfront land with a 60-mile shoreline along the Caribbean Sea.

When asked what motivates people to buy in Belize, Tremblay responded "Well, location, of course. Belize is only 2 hours, by air, from major U.S. gateway cities. During the winter, there are direct flights from Canada. Its subtropical climate is exquisite – particularly when you experience our rotten North American winters! And price. Costa Rica and Panama have priced themselves out of the market and Belize has nicely dovetailed in to take their place." When queried if there were other mitigating factors that would prompt someone to buy in Belize, Tremblay remarked "Oh, for sure. Belize is loaded with natural wonders – the diversity and beauty of the country can't be exaggerated. Plus, it's a stable, peaceful, democratic country which has never once experienced war. It has one of the most liberal retirement programs on the planet. Property taxes are incredibly low. Land title is based on the same system as in North America and the United Kingdom, giving you Fee Simple title to your land. That's a huge plus. And English. Everyone speaks English – even our Belize real estate agents do. Actually, that's an inside joke because John Acott is always telling us that he is the only one of us who truly speaks the "Queen's English"!

For more info about this Belize real estate company, please contact Looey Tremblay, RE/MAX Belize Real Estate Agent and Broker. Email [email protected] or call his Belize mobile 501-678-7000 or toll-free from North America 1-877-836-2756. Website: .







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