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RE/MAX Squawks about Poaching Wild Parrots in Belize


by Candee Tremblay

SAN IGNACIO, CAYO, BELIZE, June 24, 2009 – The Wild Parrots of Belize have Lots to Squawk About

Summary: A simple hike along the tropical Macal River in Cayo, Belize led a Remax Belize real estate broker to give the shirt off his back to rescue an injured hawk and, in so doing, discover a sanctuary dedicated to saving the wild parrots of Belize. The Belize Bird Sanctuary acts as a voice for Belize's birds to censure Belize's lucrative and cruel bird trade. A refuge for injured and molested birds, this non-profit organization rescues and rehabilitates Belize's endangered parrots, with release as their ultimate goal.

Belize real estate broker, Looey Tremblay, was hiking along the Macal River in Cayo, Belize when he spotted a bird flapping around in the water. A member of his party hightailed across the rocks to scoop up the badly injured hawk before it careened into the rapids. Desperate to save the hawk, they wrapped him up in Tremblay's shirt and strapped the bird to his chest before scaling the cliff back to their car.

Several attempts to find vets capable of treating the hawk proved unfruitful. Fate and luck led them to the Belize Bird Rescue sanctuary in Belmopan. They readily accepted the injured bird and worked feverishly over several days to save the life of the hawk. Tragically, he succumbed to his bullet wounds. However, their valiant efforts opened up Tremblay's eyes to the plight of birds in Belize and, specifically, the wild parrots of Belize whose nests are regularly plundered by robbers.

In the U.S. alone, 15 million birds are held captive as pets . By not supporting the trade of birds in your home country, you can help preserve Belize's wild parrot population . The wild parrots of Belize can look forward to a long life in the wild – anywhere from 40-90 years. Flying high and flying free, dive-bombing for fruit, bugs and buds in Belize's rainforest canopy. Their lifespan is drastically reduced when caged as "pets"; captive parrots usually expire within 5 years of being held captive.

"Belize is a country rife with extraordinary natural wonders and Belize's birds, including the wild parrots of Belize" said Tremblay "represent a monumental treasure to this country. Belize's birds were born free and deserve to fly free. Let's give their wings a hand – to fly high and free forever. Make some noise. Beak off. It's time to squawk about the cruelty of the Belize bird trade."

On your next trip to Belize, don't miss out on visiting this sanctuary for abused, unwanted and neglected birds. It's an amazing adventure and a great way to educate yourself – and your family – about Belize's birds . There are many heroic tales of rescue and rehabilitation at Belize Bird Rescue . Your spirits will soar as high as the wild parrots of Belize fly.

If you'd like to discover more about the wild parrots of Belize, log onto their website at

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