Toledo Cacao Festival 2011

Toledo Cacao Festival 2011

The Toledo Cacao Festival is an annual community based event which is held in the Toledo District. It is designed to develop the Toledo District by extending the Tourist Season and by attracting foreigners to Toledo during this time of the year. It also promotes Toledo as a Tourist destination by highlighting its cultural diversity, its resources both marine and inland, crafts, Agro-tourism since Cacao is an agricultural crop.

Cacao - or cocoa as many of us know it - has played a dominant role from ancient times, when the Maya first discovered the 'magical' process that transformed cacao into chocolate, right through to the modern day. The Toledo District of southern Belize is today home to the organic cacao orchards where the pods are grown and harvested, and later transformed into chocolate. Join us for Cacao Fest 2011, held from 20th to 22nd May over the Commonwealth Day Holiday Weekend

All events will follow the Cacao theme highlighting Toledo's cultures, products, and natural resources. The events include wine and chocolate night which marks the grand opening of the Fest, Marine tours, Cacao trail tours, Craft Fair, Cultural Dances, Educational trips to schools, Symposium, Miss Cacao Fest Pageant, Cacao for kids, performances by talented Belizean musician and local artists, and other activities that will be taking place throughout the festival.

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Toledo-the birth place of chocolate